Assault & Battery

Assault and battery is a common charge in Virginia courts. People often get into fights. Sometimes people get angry and end up using force. You could end up with an assault and battery charge for numerous different reasons. We’re here to help.

Assault and battery is technically two different crimes, although they are often referred to together. Assault involves placing a person in imminent fear of unwanted bodily contact. Battery is actual unwanted bodily contact.

In order to convict a person of assault and battery, the prosecution has to show that the unwanted bodily contact was done in a rude or spiteful manner. Any unwanted contact is not enough to support a conviction. For instance, you cannot be convicted of assault and battery for bumping into someone at a mall. Courts will often also not convict someone of assault and battery for minor bodily contact.

A person cannot be convicted of assault and battery if the person acted in self defense. If you get into a fight, you have the right to defend yourself. Obviously, you do not need to do nothing while another person attempts to harm you. Self-defense could represent a powerful defense to a charge of assault and battery.

Even if these defenses do not succeed, it is frequently possible to have a charge of assault and battery eliminated with successful completion of programs, such as anger management or community service. Completing these programs could lead to you keeping your record clean.

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