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The Best Drug Lawyer in Stafford, VA

Virginia is tough on drug crimes. Whether the drug of choice is a prescription medication like Vicodin or a recreational substance like cocaine or marijuana, the risk of breaking the law while under the influence of drugs is very high and a serious risk. That’s why anyone who is caught under the influence of a drug while driving or even possessing drugs or drug paraphernalia is at a high risk of being arrested. It’s at these times that having a knowledgeable drug lawyer in Stafford, VA who is an expert in laws pertaining to drug possession charges is so important.

As a highly regarded drug defense lawyer in Stafford, Adam Calinger of Calinger Law has the expertise and experience needed to bring you the legal protection you need in case of a serious drug offense or probation violation. Whether the crime is a DUI, drug trafficking, drug possession or any other charge that requires the help of drug crime lawyers, the experts at Calinger Law will evaluate your case to come up with the best possible strategy for your defense.

The Complexity of Current Virginia Drug Laws

At Calinger Law, we understand the complexity of drug law in Virginia, and the complicated charges that can often be associated with controlled substances. We also understand the myriad issues involved in the possession and sale/distribution of drugs, which is why we have a drug trafficking lawyer and drug crime lawyer ready to handle your case.

Don’t face the serious penalties of felony drug charges alone. Our legal experts understand the law and how to attain the best outcome for our clients.

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If you or a family member in Stafford, VA, is in need of representation by a drug crime lawyer or narcotics lawyer, don’t hesitate to call Calinger Law today. Reach us at 703-273-3900 now to schedule a free evaluation of your case.