If you have been charged with a crime, you probably want to make sure other persons cannot learn about this charge. You don’t want anyone to think negatively of you just because there was a criminal charge in your past when you weren’t even convicted. You may be eligible for an expungement. At Calinger Law, we are here to help you navigate the expungement process.

What is expungement? Expungement means that the record of the charge against you will be erased. If anyone does a background check, that person will have no way to discover the record of the charge against you.

Expungement deals with erasing the record of a charge, not a conviction. In order to be eligible for expungement, you need to have been acquitted of the charge of have had it dropped for some reason. You also are not eligible for expungement if the court found facts sufficient to find you guilty, but did not actually find you guilty based on your compliance with certain conditions.

If you have never had any other criminal convictions, then you are presumptively entitled to an expungement of a charge. Expungement of these charges usually represents a straightforward process of filing the paperwork and obtaining the necessary signatures. If you have had a criminal conviction on other charges, you will not receive a presumptive grant of an expungement, but you may still prove able to obtain one.

At Calinger Law, we will work with you to obtain an expungement and so clear your record of a harmful charge. We will help you restore your good name. Call today to learn how we can help you move forward!