Child Support

Every parent has a duty to support children. At Calinger Law, we know how you care about your children. We know that in order to care for your children, child support represents a critical source of income.

Courts frequently issue decrees concerning child support in divorce proceedings pursuant to Virginia Code 20-107.2.  Virginia law provides presumptively correct guidelines to ensure children receive support.  Although these guidelines may at first glance seem difficult to comprehend, the court provides child support worksheets to help parties.

Child support represents the right of the child, not of the parents. This means that parents cannot by contract give away the rights of their children to child support. Regardless of what happens during a divorce proceeding, the child still has the right to child support. Furthermore, the amount of child support always remains modifiable. The child has the right to receive support until he or she becomes an emancipated adult.

Child support is normally determined through a formula that considers the incomes of both parents, the time each parent has with the children, and other selected factors that allow for modification. The more time each parent has with the child, the more child support will favor that parent. Days parents have with children are calculated using a formula to arrive at a number of individual days. The child support amount is then adjusted to reflect the time the parent has with the child. At Calinger Law, we have the expertise needed to fight for you to have every moment of time possible.