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The Best Divorce Lawyer in Stafford, VA

Divorce is something that you don’t plan for, but when it happens you need to be prepared. During this difficult time, it’s imperative that you hire a quality divorce lawyer in Stafford, VA. Calinger Law is here to help you throughout your divorce proceedings.

As a trusted divorce attorney in Stafford, VA, Adam Calinger has experience handling various cases of divorce. We can help whether it’s an amicable divorce, or a more complex situation involving:

We Protect Your Interest in Virginia Divorces

We strive to get the best outcome possible for our clients. As your divorce lawyer in Stafford, VA, we will listen to you, find out what your needs are and work with you to make the divorce process as straightforward as possible. Often times our client’s main interest is in protecting children. Others may be concerned about fairly distributing assets. Whatever your concerns are, our divorce attorney will work to build a strong legal strategy to fit your unique needs.

We understand that some couples prefer not to have lawyers involved in their family matters. However, with divorce, disagreements and disputes are not always easy to settle. Both parties may feel they’re entitled to certain assets or as though they deserve more. That’s when qualified divorce attorneys can step in to mediate or represent your individual interests.

Even if you are just thinking of getting a divorce, it does not hurt to speak to an attorney first. Calinger Law can walk you through how to get a divorce in Stafford, Virginia and answer any questions you may have before making the final decision. Filing for divorce is a major step. We can provide a free consultation to get you started.

Avoid Messy Divorces

Emotions run high during a separation or divorce, particularly if it is not an amicable divorce. Accusations of infidelity/adultery or desertion can make divorce proceedings even more difficult. Sometimes, that can make it seemingly impossible to come to an agreement outside of court. In these situations, Calinger Law is prepared to represent you and fight for your rights.

If you are in need of a family lawyer or divorce lawyer in Stafford, VA, don’t hesitate to call Calinger Law today at 703-273-3900 to schedule a free case evaluation.