Speeding is a common offense charged daily across Virginia. At Calinger Law, we have the expertise necessary to help you fight a speeding charge.

Although speeding is not technically a crime, it can have serious consequences for people. Insurance rates can increase. If you incur enough speeding tickets, your license could be suspended. In short, speeding can be important for you.

The first thing we will want to look at in a speeding charge is whether the officer has proof of his radar calibration. When the police bring a speeding charge in court, the court will require them to prove that their radar functioned correctly. The radar must be tested within six months of the date that the incident occurred. The police must bring to court either an original certificate stating that the radar was calibrated or a certified copy. They may not bring a photo copy to court. If the police do not have this evidence, the court may dismiss your charge.

We will also examine ways to possibly reduce or have your charge dismissed based on other factors. For instance, if you complete a driver improvement course, the court may dismiss your charge, or possibly reduce to a charge such as failure to obey a highway sign. The court may also reduce or dismiss your charge based on your prior good driving record.

At Calinger Law, we will help you fight a speeding charge. Give us a call today for a free consultation!